18 July 2010

The power of words.

It was a beautiful night to sit on the porch, listening to the hundreds of crickets and night birds that inhabit my yard. Earlier in the day we had a couple of hours of much needed rain which cooled things off and created that fresh clean smell that follows a good rain storm. Life is not only good, but it’s there to experience. Get outside!

While sitting there in the rocking chair, I was thinking about words and language. Actually, one word, the word “hate”. It’s a very strong word and in my opinion it is the most negative word I know. I have been for some time trying to eliminate the word from my vocabulary.

So instead of saying “I hate”, I say “I dislike” or “I don’t care for”. There are many ways to say you don’t like something without using the word “hate”. I do feel more at peace and more positive when I don’t use that word. There is no way to use the word and feel good when saying it. There is no way to use it in a sentence without putting force on the word “hate”.

Practice not using that word. I promise you will feel better and see positive results.


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