05 May 2018


That first date was trailed by many dates…for about 14 years.  There were many highs and lows during those years.  I am grateful for each one of them, for they all came with lessons.  Lessons that needed to be learned.  Mostly, they came with love.  It’s not the good times that build our character, it’s those low or challenging moments in life that can define our being…but it is up to us to make that happen.

28 March 2018


One can imagine just how nervous hens in a hen house would feel if the old grey fox were standing in the doorway of that hen house.  Furthermore, how old does one have to be in order for that first date not make you feel as nervous as those hens?  Nonetheless, that first date did arrive, filled with trepidation and anxiety.  She greets me from the door of her apartment.  Its summertime, she’s dressed in shorts…Daisy Duke Shorts to be exact.  To complete the assemble, she is wearing a thin white cotton tunic that almost covers the Daisy Dukes, giving the impression that she is not wearing shorts at all.

28 February 2018


Mid-August of 1996, they are making their return.  Summer break is over and I am once again at the
Hilleman Elementary School.  This time holding the door as they reenter.  Almost three months have passed, next week the students will be making their return as well.  Somehow I have to gather up the courage to ask her for a date.