28 April 2011

The water never stops flowing...

Like a lot of areas in our life, the river is overflowing and hurrying along. It’s sometimes at a rate that’s hard to keep up with. At times, it seems that we may not be able to make the trip down that river. Rough waters await and we feel uneasy or apprehensive about our journey. Yet, at the same time we are excited about what will unfold around the next bend, what beautiful sights we will behold on the river of life.
Uwharrie River 2009

As I look at the picture, I see that the trees are budding with new life and the earth is becoming new again. It’s almost as if the river is washing away the old and ushering in the new. Just ahead of me are two friends. They are there for the same reason I am. To experience life, to share in the beauty of this place we call home. I also look at them and realize they are there to catch me if I capsize, to save me from the waters, to make sure I complete my journey and experience. We are all bound by the same spirit, or force that once created the river. Finally, I look at the picture and see the beautiful blue sky. It is filled with that spirit or force that connects us to every living creature. It’s overlooking all that we do, all of the time. It is the bond that unites us with the river. By paddling down this river I am experiencing life and by sitting on the bank I’m watching life go by. Both have their qualities and benefits. I would prefer to experience life as I drift down the river.

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