20 August 2011

Lawn Mower Man

Most of this weekend has been a time to catch up on choirs and the sometimes necessary cleaning of that which is called “home”. I was fortunate to have Friday off from work, so I decide to get started on the cleaning and housekeeping. Let’s start with the yard. Have you ever noticed how much the grass grows when you are away from home? A lot! The past two weekends had me out of town so the yard has been, let’s say…neglected.
For starters, the weed eater stopped working and I had to go buy another one. Bummer! With that done, I don my mp3 player and head to the yard. I have a fairly big yard that I choose to push mow for the calorie expenditure. It’s an excellent way to get in at least 3 hours of walking.
So I’m now about an hour into the job when I notice something slithering across the yard in front of the mower. Of course my first thoughts are “snake”. I have no fear of them and have learned to identify the poisonous snakes in my area. To my pleasure, it’s a beautiful glass lizard.

They mostly eat bugs and are very fast despite the fact they have no legs. The little boy in me emerges, I want to catch it and move it away from the mower.
Remember I said they are fast. I spent the next several minutes trying to catch it by hand. If it only knew, I was trying to save it from the clutches of the lawn mower blades. Finally, I get my hand on the speedy little creature.
Once in hand, I take time to admire the beauty of it and as I walk it across the yard to the safety of the nearby woods, what do I get for my efforts to save a life…a swift bite on the finger. My first reaction was to pull away which made the bite worse. The little fellow actually drew blood. However, he now roams free and I’m sure he’s boasting to his other lizard friends how he escaped the clutches of the human.
Nature is awesome and I encourage you to get out and explore it. Sometimes it’s right there in your own yard.
“A man is related to all nature.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

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