02 April 2011

Feed the Need

As I climb from my bed, looking at the windows; no sunlight yet. I check the clock, 5:40 am. Even the sun isn’t awake yet. I drag myself down the hall for the morning ritual. Feed the two cats, make coffee and check the weather. Checking the weather means walking outside to get a bona fide feel for the temperature. Weather gurus have no idea what the temps are in my neck of the woods. It feels great out there, around 40 degrees. Perfect for running and it should get a bit warmer into the run.
The plans today; go up to Bethel Baptist Church for a Boogie Loop. The Boogie is a 50-mile run conducted every June on a 10-mile loop starting at the aforementioned church. It’s a very hilly course in which one doesn’t seem to ever catch his or her breath. However, it’s a very beautiful course that crosses Mountain Creek and parallels the Great Pee Dee River along Grassy Island Road.
Bethel Baptist Church sits on top of Pea Ridge which extends across the northwestern part of the county. We meet at 8:30 am for our 10-mile run. The skies are very clear and you can see for many miles over into Montgomery and Anson Counties.
I am joined by fellow runners, Rosemary, Jerry and Kyle. Just the four of us embark on the hills of Ellerbe. As always, the beginning miles are slow and lethargic; body is trying to loosen up. The course has one hill that we affectionately call Bethel, its 1.5 miles long. We run down that hill and then back up for the first part of the loop. After descending and then ascending Bethel Hill we now have 6-miles remaining. Kyle and I have split from Rosemary and Jerry. Kyle is a tall lanky 24 year-old that can run like a gazelle. Even though he is running well within himself, I’m struggling just to hang with him. I like to run with Kyle. He restores my confidence that all of the youth of America are not lazy and non-ambitious.
We all finally make it back to the church under gorgeous and much needed sunshine. That vitamin D feels great. We say our goodbyes and head back to our homes. From there, I make a trip to the store for some plants. Today a planted broccoli and lettuce along with two raspberry bushes. Hopefully, they all will grow into something edible.
Today has been a good day. More and more I find deep appreciation for the small successes in life. I end with this quote:

The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had. ~Author Unknown

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