17 July 2010

Tiny bits of Freedom.

Most of this year I’ve been learning to minimize in a lot of areas in my life. I’ve cleaned out closets, drawers and the attic. I’ve reduced the amount of time I spend driving. I buy only the items I need from the grocery store and no longer make impulse buys or purchase anything without making absolutely sure I need whatever it is.
I’ve also learned to minimize in the area of language. Say only the words necessary to make a point. I complain less. (When you have less stuff, there’s less to complain about). Instead of complaining about the weather (which we can’t control) I’ve learned to embrace it. It is what it is!
As a result of minimizing, I feel great. I love the feeling of getting rid of stuff. I love the floor space I now have in the house, the closet space I now have. Minimizing is invigorating. I encourage everyone to get rid of the stuff you don’t need.

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