12 June 2010

Family Time

You know, sometimes the plans we make, might not always go as planned. This evening I planed to have dinner with my dad and then attend the local stock car races. We both love and enjoy watching auto racing and I might call it the local track, but it’s actually a one hour drive from home. We drive up and share a splendid meal at a restaurant in the area and then head out to the track only to find that they have canceled the races due to bad weather conditions. It was in fact sunny and pleasant when we arrived. However, it meant that we just return home. Things did not happen the way we planned but it couldn’t have been better. During the hour drive back we shared some great conversation about family, auto racing and many other topics that came to our minds.
In my early years, my dad was much too busy trying to make a living and tying to feed a family and provide the necessary things for his wife and three children. There was no time for father/son bonding. I would have loved to have known my father then. With that said, I don’t look back. I can not change the past or predict the future. All I have is “right now”. I plan to make the most of “right now”. I deeply cherish time spent with my dad. Tonight was no exception. We shared laughter and sadness which brought us even closer together. I am who I am because of my dad and my mom. Think about that when you are raising your own children.

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