05 June 2010

Burn Baby Burn!

Can one ever truthfully acclimate to heat? I’ve lived here in the south all my life. Still, I can not get used to good ole’ southern heat and humidity. I’ve run in it for the past 26 years and still don’t like it. And believe me; no matter how naked you get in the south, it’s still hot as blazes.
This morning was a classic case in point. I ran a trail 10k this morning in one of the neighboring counties. It was a beautiful course around the reservoir but it started at 9:00 A.M……..bad idea! It was already 75 degrees by 8:00 A.M. and the temperature was climbing.
I was completely saturated when I finished. I looked like a slice of bread left in the rain overnight! Not an appealing sight. However, it was a fine day with numerous friends and training partners and everyone in our group came home with age group awards. Sweet!

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