08 June 2010

Birds aren't Fat!

Sitting on the screened porch observing the birds eat from the bird feeder, the squirrels trying to pilfer from the feeder, the blue birds and blue jays eating bugs or worms from the earth, something occurred to me. There are no fat animals in the world. Animals don’t overeat the way we humans do. They eat for continued existence whereas we eat for contentment. What if we had to eat for survival instead? Just think how much thinner we would be and how much healthier we would be. Just think of how much food we would save and how much of an environmental impact it would have if we ate instinctively. We owe it to our planet to eat or consume less food. I encourage you all to not only eat less but cut back in all areas of your life. Use less food, less gas, less driving, less paper, less water, less hate……..more love and peace!

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